Static Blog dengan Hugo, Github Pages (Travis CI, Cloudflare)

Static Blog dengan Hugo, Github Pages (Travis CI, Cloudflare)

categories: Hugo
tags: Github Pages, Hugo, Travis CI


Travis CI

language: go

  - master # This uses automatically the latest version of go

  - pip install --user pygments
  - go get # This provides the latest version of Hugo to Travis CI

  - hugo version
  - hugo --theme=hugo-pacman-theme # This commands builds your website on travis
  - cp CNAME public
  - ls public

  local_dir: public # Default static site output dir for Hugo
  repo: fahrinh/ # This is the slug of the repo you want to deploy your site to
  target_branch: master # GitHub pages branch to deploy to (in other cases it can be gh-pages)
  provider: pages
  skip_cleanup: true
  github_token: $GITHUB_TOKEN # This is the authentication which you will setup in the next step in travis-ci dashboard
  email: [email protected]
  name: "Fahri Nurul Hidayat"
    branch: master


  • Setup DNS pertama kali dengan root domain
  • Ganti nameserver hosting provider Anda dengan nameserver milik Cloudflare
  • Pada Crypto, enable Always use HTTPS dan Automatic HTTPS Rewrites